Born in 1972
1995, became a member of GEKIDAN ☆ SHINKANSEN, performed in many live performances for them
1998, became a member of Afro 13
2003, became a member of 30-DELUS
2011, started impro show Tyson-Oya no Hai, Domo
Currently expanding his field world wide to the Edinburgh Festival, TV dramas, and movies in China and Taiwan.
Affiliated with:Ltd. Gamon (Japan),Dragon Fruit (China)
Birthday: April 10, 1972
Birthplace: Mie, Japan
Language: Japanese (standard, Kansai dialect),Chinese
Special Skills: theatrical combat, judo, horse riding
Hobby: thumb wrestling, disposable chopsticks calligraphy
Measurements: height 180cm, weight 72kg, shoe 26.5~27cm, B100cm W80cm H98cm